Our Tiramisu

Perfectly portioned in a recyclable glass jar, the sweet, light mascarpone cream combined with the bitterness of the coffee-soaked sponge was a wonderful assault on the senses! Utterly divine.
— Tania Findlay, Happy Customer
This is so delicious, I can’t wait to order more. It’s so nice to have authentic Italian dessert here in Cornwall.
— C. Davies - Happy Customer
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Tiramisu is the most iconic Italian dessert so no wonder it is currently sold in restaurants and supermarkets across the globe, right?

Well…. the problem is that when it comes to mass production, tiramisu is often offered industrialised and packed full of preservatives. TiramisUGO is different.

Our premium dessert is genuinely Italian, made by UGO from his dad’s family recipe. They used to make it in the kitchen before going to ski…and it contains Italian values such as passion, integrity and love. We are sure Ugo’s dad Piero would be proud to see his recipe spread across the UK one day.


Our Tiramisu come in the linear glass jar we make it in. That’s what gives it its signature depth and intense creaminess, while naturally increasing its shelf life. We are a plastic free champion and we encourage customers to return the jars to the shop they bought it from or directly to us at market stalls to be sterilised and re-used.


Our Tiramisu is freshly prepared using the finest ingredients from Italy and Cornwall. The mascarpone cheese from the Dolomites is mixed with free range pasteurised Cornish eggs and the pudding is assembled directly in the jar with Savoiardi biscuits perfectly soaked in traditional italian grounded coffee. As per the original recipe, our tiramisu is free from alcohol. The secret of our premium dessert? It’s all in the balance and lightness.


We don’t touch anything artificial – additives are banned from our kitchen. And we have no need for preservatives, either. Making Tiramisu in its jar naturally doubles its fridge life, whilst giving it a unique, inimitable depth and creamy texture.

I have just devoured my Tiramisu! It was the tastiest Tiramisu I have ever eaten (and this is my favourite dessert) It is a perfect portion size in the jar it comes in too. This would go down a treat with my family at Christmas!
— Hayley Louise Richards
This is just amazing.
— Irini Tzortzoglou, Masterchef 2019. Winner